Wilkinson Sword Awarded to Jose Carlos Martinez Barriero

Congratulations to Jose Carlos on winning the Wilkinson Sword at the LAA Rally 2018.

Jose Carlos flew his wonderful D92 EC-ZCZ all the way from its airfield in Portugal to the Rally at Sywell onf Friday 31st August.  Taking 11 hours, 2 stops and flying over the Pyrenees!!  Yes, he also got Most Meritous flight!

He build the aircraft 17 years ago, and you can tell he really loves it.  Showing us around he explains that the plan design incorporated 2 fuel tanks for a range of 700km, how he mounted the Volkswagon engine, how he crafted the hub caps from tortilla pans (!).  Every bit of the aircraft was as if he'd just completed building her.  A well deserved award.
Unsurprisingly Jose Carlos could not take the sword back to Spain with him in his little Jodel, however he was presented with a framed photograph and takes back with him the tankard for the Meritous Flight as a memento of his rally adventure.  We hope to see him back soon!

Thanks go to Stu MacConnacher in ensuring the fair judging and organising the framed photo.

LAA Rally & Awards

The LAA Rally 2018 is getting closer and the flying slots booking has now opened.


The LAA Rally is usually well attended by Jodels but this year is a special one as we will be celebrating 70years since the first flight of the D9 Bebe.  We have a been given an assigned parking area, and we are asking all Jodellers to make small display card to put in the canopy/window of their aeroplane.    There will also be a Jodel Club display board within the event tents - come and find us!

Don't forget the Wilkinson Sword will be awarded for the Best Jodel.  Judging usually happens on the Saturday so make sure you get your lovely Jodel there in time!

  The Wilkinson Sword Award  
  Year Place Winner Reg Type  
  2017 1st Andrew & Steve Williams G-AVGZ Jodel DR1050  
  2016 1st Dave Garbe G-JEMM Replica Jodel DR1050  
  2015   Not Awarded       
  2014   Not Awarded       
  2013   Not Awarded       
  2012   Not Awarded       
  2011   Not Awarded       
  2010   Not Awarded       
  2009   Not Awarded       
  2008   Not Awarded       
  2007   Not Awarded       
  2006   Not Awarded       
  2005 1st Wolfram Wehner D-EAOT Jodel DR1050  
  2004 1st John Crabb G-BFEH Jodel D117A  
    CM Rod Laver G-BLCT Robin DR220  
  2003 1st Uwe Malter D-EAKM Jodel DR1050  
  2002 1st Horst Bless D-EABU Jodel D120(MOD)  
  2001   Not Awarded (No Rally)      
  2000 1st Ernie Horsfall G-BYEH Jodel DR250/160  
  1999 1st Alf Burns G-BVSS Jodel D150 Mascaret  
  1998 1st Armand Comparet F-PMAC Jodel D114 3L  
  1997 1st Richard Mole G-TREK Jodel D18  
    CM Reg Bradshaw G-ATJN Jodel D119  
  1996 1st Alan Shipp G-BVST Jodel D150 Mascaret  
    CM Ernie Horsfall G-IEJH Jodel D150 Mascaret  
  1995 1st Kenneth Richardson G-MASC Jodel D150 Mascaret  
    CM Andrew Szep G-AXXW Jodel D117  
  1994 1st Marcel Ruffieux HB-EUK Jodel DR1051 M2  
    CM Gavin Roberts G-BDEI Jodel D92  
  1993 1st David Gray G-BIDG Jodel D150 Mascaret  
    CM Charles Ollivier F-PBCO Jodel DR100  
    CM Richard Hunter G-ASXS Jodel DR1050  
  1992 1st Peter Smoothy G-BMID Jodel D120 Paris Nice  
  1991 1st Bernard Gautier HB-SFA Jodel D140E Mousquetaire  
    CM Charles Ollivier F-PBCO Jodel DR100  
  1990 1st David Gray G-BIDG Jodel D150 Mascaret  
  1989 1st Tony Frost G-AYLF Jodel DR1051  
  1988 1st David Gray G-BIDG Jodel D150 Mascaret  
  1987 1st Peter Underhill G-DISO Jodel D150 Mascaret  
  1986 1st Dennis Goss G-GOSS Robin DR221 Dauphin  
  1985 1st Gosta Jonasson SE-XDG Jodel D113  
  1984 1st Volker Teske D-EFFB Jodel D120 Paris Nice  
  1983 1st Steve Talbot G-STEV Robin DR221 (Mod) Dauphin  
  1982 1st Dennis Goss G-GOSS Robin DR221 Dauphin  
  1981 1st Andre Charbonnier F-PYHO Jodel DR1051 M1  
  1980 1st Kai Christensen OY-AMD Jodel D112  
  1979 1st Clive Wall G-BCLU Jodel D117  

Popham Fly-In May Bank Holiday 18

A trip down to Popham is always a nice day out, but this was the end of their bank holiday weekend event with aerojumble, classic cars and vintage fly-in.  As a strut member I messaged the guys and 2 other aircraft joined us.

We arrived in DZ in a quiet bit - I really was expecting to follow half a dozen aircraft in circuit but I think we were early enough to avoid the rush!  A lovely welcome again, last time we were here was the end of season fly-in and its always so organised & relaxed.

After parking up we met up with one of our strut members, Ian Melville who had just arrived in his 70 year old Vagabond.  Then off for a wander around the stalls, mainly books but some other memorabilia as well.  Hog roast bun for lunch and then off to drool over the amazing classic cars. 

An ice cream later and it was time to head back.  On our way walking to the clubroom we met up with our other strut member, Colin Hughes, who'd arrived in his Jodel D119 (oops, no photo!).

By then a large number of aircraft, many vintage, had turned up so a slow wander down the flightline to get some photos.  We met some pilots who had just arrived from south Germany especially for the event, and then had a chat two customer Border Force officers  - nice to see these guys enjoying the event, they were very informative and enthusiastic about flying too.

Leaving a bit later than planned we lined up and headed off into the beautiful blue skies back to Enstone.

Great day, lets hope for more of them this summer!