Wilkinson Sword Awarded to Jose Carlos Martinez Barriero

Congratulations to Jose Carlos on winning the Wilkinson Sword at the LAA Rally 2018.

Jose Carlos flew his wonderful D92 EC-ZCZ all the way from its airfield in Portugal to the Rally at Sywell onf Friday 31st August.  Taking 11 hours, 2 stops and flying over the Pyrenees!!  Yes, he also got Most Meritous flight!

He build the aircraft 17 years ago, and you can tell he really loves it.  Showing us around he explains that the plan design incorporated 2 fuel tanks for a range of 700km, how he mounted the Volkswagon engine, how he crafted the hub caps from tortilla pans (!).  Every bit of the aircraft was as if he'd just completed building her.  A well deserved award.
Unsurprisingly Jose Carlos could not take the sword back to Spain with him in his little Jodel, however he was presented with a framed photograph and takes back with him the tankard for the Meritous Flight as a memento of his rally adventure.  We hope to see him back soon!

Thanks go to Stu MacConnacher in ensuring the fair judging and organising the framed photo.