The Jodel Club

Congratulations to Dave Garbe for winning the Wilkinson Sword Award for best Jodel at the LAA Rally with his Jodel DR1050 G-JEMM

*** Summer 2016 Jodel Meet ***
In additon the usual rallies (see events page), members of the jodel club are looking at meeting up 1st October 16 at Old Warden. This is an informal gathering of jodellers, so PPR as normal.   If sucessful may lead to more... keep an eye on our events page.

About this site
This site being developed for the Jodel Club UK, in consultation with Jodel Owners, Builders and Flyers up and down the country to provide a place to bring the new and experienced together.

If you own, fly or are building a Jodel or Robin in the UK, then you're already a member! Welcome! Please use the sites to get in touch with like minded aviators  or come along to the various fly-ins organised by the various vintage groups and flying clubs

To get in contact with other members use the menu tabs for the International Jodel Club Yahoo Group & the Jodel Flyers Facebook page. 
There is one main philosophy of the club - its free!!! You don't get a membership card, you don't have to pay subscriptions, there is no committee. But we hope you will at least have a bit of fun :-)

The Jodel Club UK is not an LAA Type Club or formally affiliated with the LAA
(although some of its members are also LAA members)