Popham Fly-In May Bank Holiday 18

A trip down to Popham is always a nice day out, but this was the end of their bank holiday weekend event with aerojumble, classic cars and vintage fly-in.  As a strut member I messaged the guys and 2 other aircraft joined us.

We arrived in DZ in a quiet bit - I really was expecting to follow half a dozen aircraft in circuit but I think we were early enough to avoid the rush!  A lovely welcome again, last time we were here was the end of season fly-in and its always so organised & relaxed.

After parking up we met up with one of our strut members, Ian Melville who had just arrived in his 70 year old Vagabond.  Then off for a wander around the stalls, mainly books but some other memorabilia as well.  Hog roast bun for lunch and then off to drool over the amazing classic cars. 

An ice cream later and it was time to head back.  On our way walking to the clubroom we met up with our other strut member, Colin Hughes, who'd arrived in his Jodel D119 (oops, no photo!).

By then a large number of aircraft, many vintage, had turned up so a slow wander down the flightline to get some photos.  We met some pilots who had just arrived from south Germany especially for the event, and then had a chat two customer Border Force officers  - nice to see these guys enjoying the event, they were very informative and enthusiastic about flying too.

Leaving a bit later than planned we lined up and headed off into the beautiful blue skies back to Enstone.

Great day, lets hope for more of them this summer!

Jodels flying Lincolnshire Scouts

Scout Flying Day at Wickenby 8th October

I run a Facebook group called Travels with Top Cat which was named because my Jodel 1051 is G-BHTC. By luck I found on the net a really nice cat cartoon which came with a message saying that it could be used freely. This became our group logo and we have abused it on Hi-viz jackets, T-shirts, mugs and stickers.
We particularly liked Top Cat's sardonic expression!

Previously a few of us had been based at another airfield and for reasons that we don't need to go into here we were forced to leave. At the former location we had twice flown groups of scouts from Doncaster and Kirton-in-Lindsey mainly because of connections different club members had.

Both days had been highly successful and very popular with the kids and their parents. One scout said to me it was the happiest day of his life. You can imagine how pleased I was at that comment. On these two previous occasions the power of Facebook had yet to be harnessed and we only had three or four aircraft doing the flights.

A couple of years passed, I had retired, my RV had been traded in for a Jodel 1051 and my group of flying acquaintances had enlarged dramatically. By chance I met the scoutmaster visiting a neighbour and he asked if we could do another flying day. I said yes but because we were not in direct contact we never progressed any further. Another chance encounter with a scout helper and one of our group led to telephone numbers being exchanged and a definite promise to do something.

The first problem was finding a suitable airfield. The local gliding club has a HUGE grass airfield but, although very helpful, they were unwilling to mix powered and gliders. They did offer to put on a gliding day for the scouts and that may well go ahead. The next nearest airfield was a parachute club and they were not even considered, they are just too busy. This left Wickenby, about 35 minutes by car away. Our group has a strong association with Wickenby, indeed Jodel 119, GATJN resides there. 

Wickenby was extremely helpful, they knew us and we knew them. Not a single obstacle was put in our place. They arranged extra air-ground radio operators and the cafe got extra supplies in to cope with the hordes.

So this is where the dreaded social media took over. A call went out for volunteer pilots and ground control. I was overwhelmed with the response I got. Within a couple of hours I had six aircraft and 10 pilots, some happy to act as ground control. When the date changed one pilot dropped out due to farming commitments and a couple of ground control folk could no longer assist. I had two Jodels (a 1051 and a 119) two RV6s and Sonnex, plenty for 30 scouts.

Of course the weather let us down on the appointed day with wind, rain and low cloud. Plan B came into operation and we decided that the next Sunday was the best option, not too far in the future, just to keep everything focused.

Then a bombshell was dropped. A second scout group had been invited and all of a sudden the 30 became 60. I blinked, took a deep breath and thought 60/5 =12 flights each. Of course it didn't quite work out like that....

Anyway Sunday arrived, the scouts were now scouts, cubs and beavers with an age range from about 6 to 16. They had sensibly decided to arrive in two groups, one at 10 and the second at 12:30. When the aircraft assembled, from Gamston, Netherthorpe, North Coates and a nearby farm strip, the first group was getting tucked into bacon rolls to the delight of the cafe. They kept this up all day eating almost everything in the cafe.

In the club house one pilot, Dawn, introduced the scouts to the joys and perils of aerial navigation. Although familiar with maps and compasses they were introduced to winds and triangle of velocities, albeit at an age appropriate level.

We could not have asked for better weather, light winds and no thermals because of the cloud cover. One by one the youngsters were introduced to the delights of the air. Each time we landed a new eager girl or boy was loaded up. No one was ill although I had one lad who decided he was not to be an intrepid aviator. 

The RVs behaved as RVs do, "missed approaches" and rolls seemed to be most common. The Jodels being more sedate managed quick tours of the North Lincolnshire countryside...Market Rasen, Belmont mast, RAF Stenigot and Caldwell Park.... not all on the same flight.

So how did we do? There were no unhappy scouts, everyone flew that wanted to fly, everyone I asked would fly again, the lads and lassies all left smiling and their parents took a zillion photos of their loved ones strapped in. We told them we didn't want money for fuel but if they felt so inclined they could make a donation to the Wickenby museum. This they generously did.

Final total was 67 flights, the two Jodels did 42 flights between them, the Sonnex had a couple of wee issues and were not happy risking their passengers and they and one RV managed 6 flights each. The final RV did 13 flights. Would the pilots do it again, a resounding yes was the answer.

Flying Event Articles

In keeping with the tradition of the Jodel Club we'd like to here from you if you have attended a flying event this year and would like to do a short (Jodel related) write up about it - it doesn't have to be long or fancy, it helps if you have a few photos and a couple of names of people you met or went with.

Its very easy to do, you get signed up to this page and you can post your article, simple menu bar helps you attach photos, videos and page links.

So if you'd like to be a contributor, send an email to jodelclubuk@gmail.com requesting a log in.


Jodel Parts


Airworld (UK) Ltd closed for business permanently at mid-day on  Thursday December 15th.
A new company, Sandalwood Ltd, will open for business on Monday January 9th 2017.
The new company will serve as a market place to sell off the remaining stock of Airworld UK Ltd, and also to continue to meet the requirements of the private Jodel and Robin owner. It will fulfil all orders for cables and harnesses for Trig Avionics equipment that have already been accepted by Airworld UK Ltd.
Because of the significantly reduced turnover Sandalwood Ltd will not be registered for VAT, and therefore will not issue invoices that show VAT as a separate calculation.
The new company will use the Airworld UK format for their web site to make navigation easier.
Orders will be made on line, enquiries accepted and answered by email, however at certain times of the year response times may be significantly longer than those experienced when currently contacting Airworld UK.
Kind Regards
Pete and Ann Smoothy
Click Here to got to the Sandalwood Ltd website

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Jodel Plans
Full English translation of Jodel drawings together with build instructions are available in the UK from Graham Clark email him here

A0 Prints for framing
Graham can also supply cut way drawings by Frank Rogers up to A0 size, for models D9 to DR1051M. Price around £10 (no frame supplied).  Contact him on the above email for price and availability.

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Congratulations to Dave Garbe for winning the Wilkinson Sword Award for best Jodel at the LAA Rally with his Jodel DR1050 G-JEMM

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In additon the usual rallies (see events page), members of the jodel club are looking at meeting up 1st October 16 at Old Warden. This is an informal gathering of jodellers, so PPR as normal.   If sucessful may lead to more... keep an eye on our events page.

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